Survivor Stories

We are indebted to all those survivors of domestic abuse that continue to show amazing courage and bravery in sharing their stories here for the benefit of others living with similar experiences.

Vale DAS is here to give hope to those living with domestic abuse, sexual violence or any other form of violence, and show them that support is available to help them regain control and rebuild their lives.

The stories you will read here are genuine experiences of those we have supported, in their own words – and they are living proof that life can be different, however hopeless things may feel.

Please be aware that some of the stories contain descriptions of physical and emotional abuse, and all names of those involved have been changed. If reading any of them makes you feel unsure or unsafe in your own relationship, or worried about any of your friends or family, please know that help and support is available.

Woman relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sunset view
P’s Story
I am 27 years old. I am a soon to be uni student and hoping to get a degree in something I am very passionate about. I am a very…
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Silhouette of young woman doing yoga on the beach
Vera’s Story
I’m sure before I had my daughter, who is now 7, I would describe myself as many things, usually it started by saying that I had an amazing job, lots…
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