Issues Facing Girls

Her Voice Wales is a group of young girls from across the Vale of Glamorgan that meets to talk about issues that affect girls. Her Voice Wales released the #WEDONTFEELSAFE survey which received 129 responses from young people across the Vale of Glamorgan to find out how young people feel about street safety, particularly regarding public sexual harassment.

The group found that many young people were not aware of how to report sexual harassment and catcalling and an alarming 44% of respondents disclosed that they had experienced sexual harassment in a public place.

The group collaborated with Glitch Studios and Barr Neighbourhood Police Team to create the posters below. 

urban teenager

A poem by Beatrice West, Aged 13

The poem below summaries how young girls feel about being a girl.  A powerful piece of writing that sums up the conflicting expectations for young girls.  Thank you for sharing.

I am a Girl By Bea W

I am a girl and I’m cocky to speak out,
Bossy and Annoying if I dare to shout,
Direct people and I must have a big gob,
But when boys command they’re just doing their job,
But that’s just life, right?

I am a girl and I feel period shame,
Hardly daring to even say its name,
lt’s that time of the month and I’m in pain,
But a smile I feel expected to maintain,
But that’s just life, right?

I am a girl and I’m scared to walk alone,
Called out by boys in a patronising tone,
Head down, avoiding excuses for attention,
But I fear for my safety and remain in apprehension,
But that’s just life, right?

I am a girl and I’m told my beauty is my worth,
Look past my face and see what you unearth,
A mind of worthy words which will leave a trace,
But yet I must conceal it behind the pampered face,
But that’s just life, right?

I am a girl and I know this is wrong,
This may be life but only if we play along,
Normalising something doesn’t mean it’s okay,
We can still make the change but we must start today,
This may just be life, but it’s not right.

© Copyright May 2023 Beatrice West, Wilmslow. Age 13. 

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