Childrens reflections on our aces workshops

‘A letter to the next…’ – letters written by children undertaking ACEs work to help reassure future children about what’s involved in the sessions.

“Started sessions a couple of months ago and it has helped me so much!”

“I have a lot going on at home but this really helped. I was a bit nervous to meet someone new but after a while I got used to it and these sessions are really starting to help me.”

“I was nervous at first but as soon as we started going to fun places I got better and better and it was great.”

“At the start of my session I didn’t know what it was and I was a little worried. But we played games, I really liked doing the glitter art and drawing feelings. If you’re worried about starting – don’t worry, it’s fun!”

“At the start I was a little bit nervous but once I started sessions I thought it was fun. My favourite work that we did together was on values.”

“I really enjoyed my session because we did fun activities in the half term and I can talk to the support team about my feelings.”

“Don’t worry about things, you can tell the teacher or the support team. We get to play games and it makes me happy. Always be safe and kind.”

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